Get Organized

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Dear Smart Money People,

It has become wildly popular to declutter and organize thanks to Marie Kondo. I have always been a fan of the organized desk, closet, and pantry. Then life happens and the once organized and alphabetized shelves of beans and soup quickly devolves back into chaos.

I think we all yearn for things to be in their places, to have order in our outer space to help us stay organized in our inner space.

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Got problems? Here’s how to solve them

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Dear Smart Money People,

I am a big fan of always learning and growing. When I have a problem, I immediately turn to a book, blog post, YouTube, Google, a friend. You get the point. I rarely rely on my current level of expertise to get me through a struggle. Clearly that is the reason for the struggle in my life in the first place.

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Three Budget KILLERS

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Something might be killing your budget. Do you know what it could be?

Here’s a breakdown of where the money’s going per an article on Business Insider read here.

Top 3 categories:

  1. 32.9% – Housing
  2. 15.8% – Transportation
  3. 12.6% – Food

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Personal Finance Is Like Anything in Life, You Have To Do The Work

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Hello Smart Money People,

Somewhere along the way in life it occurred to me that if you want to go somewhere, get something, be someone, you have to do the work. Period. The End.

Work takes planning, idea generation, trying, failing, starting again. The process never ends. I think people get confused that there is actually a destination. I don’t think there is. I think there is constant evolution and growth. Or the opposite. Stagnation and death (YIKES maybe I should insert another word here- this sounds harsh. But is it true so it stays). Continue reading “Personal Finance Is Like Anything in Life, You Have To Do The Work”

Change Is Hard

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Dear Smart Money People,


Change is hard. Life is hard. I am in the beginnings of a new exercise program and the commitment is 80 Days. Wowza. Even I was a little apprehensive at the commitment. I thought “can I actually do something every day for 80 days?” Just being honest.

One of my friends, friends did it, and I thought “Well if she can, so can I.”

And it helps that the friend is doing it with me. #accountabilitypartner. Thanks Taylor!

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7 Life Skills That ALSO Help You Manage Money


Dear Smart Money People,

Something I have always believed in is a balanced life. I remember when I was interviewing for a job with a large corporation, I was on the fence about if it was the right move for me and my family. Out at dinner with friends, I shared my struggle. The husband of one of my besties asked me what I was afraid of, I said “losing my work life balance.” He laughed and said, “there is no such thing and I hate it when people say that.”


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You Know You’re A HOT MESS When…

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You know you’re a hot mess when… and a few tips to make thing better!!

Have you ever woken up and said:

“What the heck am I doing with my LIFE?”

“Will I ever live on my own?”

“Will I ever have more money than BILLS?”

Well this is the post for you…

So here is the deal, everyone at some point in their life is a HOT MESS.

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