HAPPY NEW YEAR! Looking to change for 2018? Read on.

Happy New Year!!! Can you believe it is 2018 ALREADY? Clearly, I love the New Year’s posting. This is post number 2. See post # 1 here about New Year Budgeting! I guess it is something about a new year, a fresh start, a new beginning and since my holiday posts were a little late in delivery I thought it best to be early for my New Year’s Post!! Both of them (wink wink). Continue reading “HAPPY NEW YEAR! Looking to change for 2018? Read on.”

The Holidays are HERE!

The Holidays are HERE!!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone is happy, there are parties, there are lights and merry songs on the radio. It is a lovely time for sure.

There is no shortage of Diet and Exercise advice. Every article is about how to survive the holidays and not gain weight. Solid. I love it. I am no stranger to wanting a quick tip or trick to manage the holiday pounds if you know what I mean?

I have read many articles and heard many perspectives for dieting. Interestingly enough, is not all that different than how to manage your money over the holidays.

Here is some of the advice floating around the world wide web (does anyone even call it that anymore?) on dieting and I drew some parallels to money management. Smart eh? And I’m not even Canadian, but my sister-in-law is so there’s that. Continue reading “The Holidays are HERE!”

How to handle money in your 30’s

Hello Smart Money People,

Ahhhh.. the 30’s.

Welcome to this pivotal and busy season of your life! The 30’s! It is the decade of growth. There is career growth, possibly marriage, personal growth, starting a family, investing in your first home, MAKING SURE YOU HAVE an emergency fund (see THIS post on emergency fund). Deciding RIGHT NOW what you want the next 30 years to look like.

In our 30’s, although not fully intentionally, we made some smart moves. We lived below our means, we bought the least desirable house in the neighborhood and renovated it. We moved from a high cost housing market, southern Connecticut, to a lower cost housing market, North Carolina. In hindsight, had we really focused and did what I am about to tell you to consider, we would be in a different place. Don’t get me wrong, we made out better than okay, but it could have been even better had someone told us. My wish for you is that you can no longer say, after reading this article, “I wish someone would have told me.”

Consider yourself TOLD, here is what you should think about and decide on in your 30’s: Continue reading “How to handle money in your 30’s”