Just keep swimming


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Dear Smart Money People,

This is my favorite line from Finding Nemo in the production at Disney World in Orlando Florida. Guaranteed every time we see it, I cry. The scene is Dory is stuck in a fish net and Nemo sings “Just keep swimming.” The collective efforts of all the fish swimming down breaks the net. Then Dory starts singing “just keep swimming.” Fishnet breaks. Fish free. Queue TEARSContinue reading “Just keep swimming”

Personal Finance is, well, Personal

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Dear Smart Money People,

I have been teaching and coaching people on personal finance for a few years. I have come to realize it is highly personal, hence the name, personal finance.

Bill and I were avid Dave Ramsey followers, and still do stick closely to his principles, however, we have adopted habits, routines and rituals that reflect who we are, our goals and our lifestyle. Our personal goals.

Here is what I have learned, drumroll please, – I don’t think there is one way to manage money. And there you have it. Continue reading “Personal Finance is, well, Personal”