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Dear Smart Money People,


Change is hard. Life is hard. I am in the beginnings of a new exercise program and the commitment is 80 Days. Wowza. Even I was a little apprehensive at the commitment. I thought “can I actually do something every day for 80 days?” Just being honest.

One of my friends, friends did it, and I thought “Well if she can, so can I.”

And it helps that the friend is doing it with me. #accountabilitypartner. Thanks Taylor!

So I am on Day 11. I’m doing it. In addition to the workouts daily, thanks #AutumnCalabrese, I get daily inspiration. Autumn stands in front of the class and pontificates on life, inspires and downright gets in your face, yo, to tell you that it is hard, but everything is. Being out of shape is hard, being in shape is hard, being in debt is hard, NOT being in debt is hard. Everything requires work, you just have to decide where your efforts will pay off to make your life better, not worse.

Maybe we do an 80-day financial challenge?

Every day you have to do something, just a little something for your financial wellbeing. It doesn’t have to be pack lunch and make your coffee, although I highly recommend as it is win-win – healthier and less expensive.

Back to the 80-day challenge – it could be having a look at your budget, assuring you are using cash, talking to your spouse or accountability partner about a financial matter, reading something about money management or listening to something about money management. It all counts.

What do you think?

The point of the 80-day workout program is, simply put, if you want the results you are going to have to do the work, whether or not you feel like it. Roger that.

Money management is the same way. Whether you like it or not, it is something you have to discipline yourself around doing. Having a budget is the workout, you just have to show up for it.

My favorite thing about this workout program, or any other workout program, is that the work is done FOR YOU. YOU JUST HAVE TO PRESS PLAY AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. Does that sound like I am yelling? I’m not, I just want you to really hear that point.

The budget workout is, you write the budget and THEN YOU FOLLOW IT, NO EXCUSES.

It takes all the emotional work and energy out of managing money, the same way good ol’ Autumn takes all the work out of the workout for me.

Now you will have to do the monthly budget review and prepare for the following month, but once you do that you should be able to just press play.

I hope this was helpful.

Let me know what you think. I would love to hear what is going on in your world or what you are struggling with that we can help.


Always got your back!


With love,

Karen and Bill

One thought on “Change Is Hard”

  1. I never actually thought of it that way! I just paid off all of my debt and it feels amazing. Now to keep myself out of it is the next step.

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