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Hello Smart Money People,

There is a very real thing that I have noticed in my life. Thanks to years and years of my husband’s telling me I run myself all day and then I am “no fun in the evening because I am too tired” commentary. I finally observed what the behavior is, and I would bet you too may suffer from, decision fatigue.

It is all of the decision and choices we have to make in a given day that just zap us of our energy before lunch!! Leaving us feeling tired, grumpy and less likely to do what we need to achieve our goals, hopes and dreams in life!! Or just have a good day 🙂

Decision fatigue is not just a YOU problem. Other people can zap your energy too.

Let’s have a look:

Mom what is for dinner? Honey, is there clean underwear? Mom, where is my sweatshirt? Are we going to the party Saturday night? Who’s picking up the kids from hockey, theater? Is the presentation ready for the meeting? Are you traveling for work this month? Is there milk? What do I have in the freezer to make for dinner? Did everyone do their homework? Is there gas in the car to get to work today?

I am tired just WRITING all the decisions we make in a day. And that is only the first 30 minutes of my morning. However, don’t feel hopeless, I have a solution. Decide in advance what you are going to do, achieve and work on for the day. Then review the list. Does it look realistic? What if your BFF gave you the same list? Would you say “You go girl, totally do-able?” Or would you say “You’re an idiot, that list is ridiculous?” Maybe you would be kinder in your selection of words. My BFF, not so much.

So here is what I do to combat decision fatigue.

I decide the night before what the next day is going to look like:

  1. I layout my workout clothes. This article on supports my practice and theory that when you have laid out your clothes in advance for your workout, go to the gym, go for a run the next day, whatever, you are more likely to DO IT!! Health goal CHECK!
  2. I create a meal list every weekend and grocery shop from that list. I also have a blackboard in my kitchen where I write all the meals that are available for my family. Read this post for more on preparing in advance. Then when the “what’s for dinner” question comes up I can look at my handy dandy black board and read the options. Healthy meal options and ingredients- CHECK CHECK!!
  3. I review my workday and meetings. I assure I have followed up on any open items, sent out the agenda and have all the materials I need for all of my meetings. If my day is pretty booked, I try to see if I can move something. I decide in advance that 5 meetings might be too much and I need to move one to another day. This applies to anything really. Do you have too many commitments, regardless of what they are? Can you ask for help, can you move something, or can you say….. wait for it…. NO. (In full transparency, I stink a lot at saying no, but I am working on it. I have this book I just bought on Amazon called The Power of No: Because One Little Word Can Bring Health, Abundance, and Happiness) Managing daily commitments – check and check! If you want to check it out first – it is The Power of No.
  4. Every morning I begin with prayer and gratitude. Our lives are a result of the decision and choices we make. Our lives also reflect what we focus on. As the saying goes what you focus on expands. Thanking the Lord for all we have been blessed with!! Check, check and triple check!!

Small practices each day, week, month will help you get to the life of your dreams. It will not magically happen. It will not miraculously show up one day. You’ve got to work at it a little every day and you will find the time and energy you need to have the life of your dreams.

What you CAN do is make decisions every day in advance to help you have good energy all day and relieve you of fatigue from being bombarded with decision after decision. Do the work up front and enjoy the rewards of your hard work!! Check out my 3in10 post about how to put those tasks plainly on paper and get er’ done!!!

I created a daily planner, attached to this post, you can print out to help you begin on your journey to success. Plan in advance, write it down and watch your life change.

You’ve got this!!

I know you CAN!!

Your cheering section leaders!!


Karen and Bill


SmartMoneyCouple Daily Planner 2018

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