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Get financially fit, lose weight. For realz.

I’ve struggled in life with money and I’ve struggled in life with weight. There I said it.

What I have learned is money and weight management are practically the same thing.


Here is something I’ve noticed, when people “get” how to manage money, everything changes.

Once they understand that managing money is a habit, that becomes a routine, that becomes a ritual, you have the secret sauce. And the sauce applies to weight management too.

When I say sauce, I mean the habits, not actual sauce. Just wanted to be clear ☺ However, I am now craving pasta.

Here are the 5 managing money habits that will also work for losing weight:

  • Get on a Budget: Money 101: A budget is a spending plan that intentionally outlines where you want your money to go before it disappears without you knowing where it went. It has happened to me. Sneaky money.

Weight Management 101: Create a meal plan. Decide in advance what foods you want/need that will be nutritional and satisfy you. Pack your meals if you work outside of the house and prepare as much as you can for dinners. Decide in advance what you are going to eat and honor your PLAN. (Psst.. that is the actual nugget of wisdom: have a plan).

  • Live below your means: This is Money 101. Don’t spend everything you make. Period. Nuff said.

Weight Management 101: Don’t eat everything on your plate. Eat less than you think you need or want to. I ALWAYS say to myself “are you hungry or are you bored or does this delicious sandwich taste so good you just want to have another?” Usually it just tastes good and I want more wonderful food. I’m not actually still hungry like 99.9% of the time.

  • Save for an Emergency: Money 101: Life happens. Tires go flat, AC Units die (and if you live in North Carolina in the summer *sigh* it can be unbearably hot). The remedy for these life events, save for them like you know eventually they will happen, but you are READY! Take THAT flat tire!!

Weight Management 101: Prepare for outings, holidays, parties, travel, by planning in advance. I travel for work. Sometimes it ebbs and flows, however, it used to be reason for me to go off the reservation with no guardrails for eating. And the trusty ol’ waistline was the evidence that I was indeed indulging. ALL. THE. TIME. Then I got smarter around meals. I ate a light breakfast like a yogurt or fruit, as I would at home. I would have a salad sans dressing and a lighter option for lunch, like I did at home, knowing that restaurants make food super delicious by adding extra salt, butter and sugar depending on the meal. For dinners out, I would look at the menu in advance if I knew where I was going. Lastly, I would just have a real heart to heart with myself. I would ask myself “If I were home, would I eat that?” If the answer was “yes or no” then I had my answer and honored whatever it was. When we are home it can be a controlled environment that is easier to stick to your food habits, routines and rituals. I’m not saying it’s easy, I am on a Southwest flight and they offered Frito’s – What’s a girl to do?

  • Pay off debt: Money 101: the fastest way to get to the life of your dreams, whatever that is, is to not have your money be earmarked for this payment and that payment so at the end of the day there is little to save or live on. Focus and put your efforts into really getting all of those “payments” out of your budget. It just ties you to the past and hinders you from having an amazing future.

Weight Management 101: Lose the weight that is weighing you down. I know I make it sound simple and I don’t mean too. There is about 5 lbs of my body that refuses to leave me. I think it is separation anxiety? I digress. Make a commitment to yourself to lose what you need to lose. If it is 10 lbs, 100 lbs, you will feel better once you lose the weight. There is so much information and so many ways to help you get healthier. Just like with your money, struggling with weight ties you to a life that is hard, feels bad and is emotionally draining. When you commit to a plan, like money, that over time, you stick to – the weight comes off and you feel lighter and more joyful. Your future self, will once again, thank you.

  • Have fun: Money 101: Allow for fun in your budget. Depending on where you are in your financial journey, allocate to an area that allows you to, these are just examples: go out for dinner, buy new shoes, have a favorite beverage with friends. Whatever your “joy” is, fund it. Not over the top funding, unless you can and still meet your other goals, but make sure you are enjoying the journey. Every person is different and every situation is different. You need to decide what that is for you. For me it is lunch with friends. I love lunching. Do you see the connection with money and food with me? I digress, again. I also love a new workout outfit every so often. I have a “Karen” fund that affords me the opportunity to go to lunch with friends a few times a month and a clothing budget that I can buy new yoga pants when I want.

Weight Management 101: There are so so so many recipes that can be tweaked to make a healthy version of whatever your “food love” is, but sometimes healthy baked ziti can taste like rubber with sauce on it. So splurge once in a while. Have a smaller portion and have more salad, eat one piece of garlic bread instead of 4. Is this oversharing?

Life TIP: Connect every day in a small way to your money and your nutrition. They both matter for a healthier, happier, future you. Money 101: Be mindful of a purchasing decision. Weight Management 101: Be mindful of your meals.

I would love to hear your thoughts on money management and weight management. Do you think they are similar or do you think I’ve fallen off my rocker? Leave a comment below or email me at

P.S. I have some super fav food bloggers and recipes that are go-to’s for me. Do you? I would love to hear what tips and tricks you have for managing your money & weight. I am happy to share if you’d like! Let me know. You know how to reach me.

You’ve got this.

Always in your corner cheering you on!!


Karen & Bill

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