This is very exciting news!! I was just interviewed on my very first Podcast EVER!! Last month I had the privilege of meeting the lovely and talented Jennifer Duffee. Jennifer is a Business and Lifestyle Coach based in the UK. We met last month and she is taking her business to a new level and started a Podcast! She asked me if I would come and speak to her people on the topic of, well, money. We had a lovely chat. It is HERE and I would love if you would listen and let me know what you think by leaving your thoughts in the comment section!!

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You can also check out Jennifer HERE!

Have an amazing day!

When it comes to being smart about money- YOU’VE GOT THIS!!


Karen & Bill

One thought on “PODCAST: The Importance of the “Money Chat” with Jennifer Duffee featuring Yours Truly”

  1. I loved the idea that budgeting for an experience makes that experience better! I think often we feel guilty (whether you realize it or not) when we do something we can’t afford or know our money should be spent some where else. When you budget for the experience you get all of the enjoyment of the experience without the guilt. Great job!

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