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Hello Smart Money People!!!

Clearly I have goal setting on the brain. I wrote about it at the end of January and here it is the end of February and I am still talking about it.

In this post I want to be more specific about the HOW. If this is something that interests you, read on..

How do you reach your goals? Do you dream of a new life with a new business, a new job, a healthier body, happier marriage? Sometimes we set goals and never revisit them. I happen to LOVE goal setting and have learned a few different approaches. Here are a few suggestions to help you get on and stay on track with your goals.

This is a little trick I learned from a few different experts in the space. It is identifying your goal and writing it down. Then the next step is to break it down into every little possible task that you can that you would have to do to achieve the goal. Next, break those tasks down even further. When you have a list of 100 + tasks you’re good!!

Now each day take 3 of those tasks and commit to checking them off the list BUT only spend 10 minutes on each task!! 3 task 10 minutes. 3in10. Get it? Approaching your goals this way will help you nudge closer and closer giving you a higher probability of success because it is easier to stick to it!!

Progress happens one step at a time. Babies are not born knowing how to walk. They scoot, crawl, shimmy, they army crawl. They make progress, one movement at a time. We don’t scold them, we don’t say go faster, you need to nail the walking thing right now. Nope. We know there is a process that babies have to go through to get their muscles ready, their minds ready and we compassionately wait and cheer them on.

3in10 is the same thing. It is your army crawl , or butt scoot, to reaching your goals. If you write your goals, let’s say it is to pay off a $500 credit card. Your 3 tasks today, that take no more than 10 minutes (3in10) and you commit to those.

For the purpose of this example here are a handful of 10 minute tasks:

  1. Review your budget – 10 minutes
  2. Agree on what you are going to spend or NOT spend today – 10 minutes
  3. Journal how you did – 10 minutes
  4. Clean out the hall closet – 10 minutes
  5. Create a giveaway, throw away, keep, sell piles – 10 minutes
  6. Pack up each pile – 10 minutes
  7. Post items to sell on Craig’s list or your local FB Yard Sale page – 10 minutes
  8. Review your budget and look for a $10 savings in one category – 10 minutes
  9. Take lunch to work 3 days vs buy lunch – 10 minutes
  10. Track savings from packing lunch – 10 minutes

Each day choose 3. Nudge toward that goal. See where you end up after one month. See if you have moved the needle on paying off that debt. It is all possible. With a specific plan, that doesn’t exhaust you, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

It is really about choices. If you decide in advance what you are going to do and every day make a decision toward reaching that goal, army crawl, you will get there. I am writing a post on decision fatigue, keep an eye out for it!!

When it comes to reaching your goals, it is not about NOT having a life. It is about having a LIFE that doesn’t ruin your life. If you take 10 minutes each day and make decisions in advance, and honor them, you will for sure reach your goals. It just takes time.

Be patient. You’ve got this!!

Always cheering you on!


Karen and Bill

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