The Holidays are HERE!!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone is happy, there are parties, there are lights and merry songs on the radio. It is a lovely time for sure.

There is no shortage of Diet and Exercise advice. Every article is about how to survive the holidays and not gain weight. Solid. I love it. I am no stranger to wanting a quick tip or trick to manage the holiday pounds if you know what I mean?

I have read many articles and heard many perspectives for dieting. Interestingly enough, is not all that different than how to manage your money over the holidays.

Here is some of the advice floating around the world wide web (does anyone even call it that anymore?) on dieting and I drew some parallels to money management. Smart eh? And I’m not even Canadian, but my sister-in-law is so there’s that.

This is a summary of a lovely and informative article, you can find the original HERE. Great guidance if I do say so myself.

6 Last-Ditch Holiday Diet Tips.

  1. Pregame before attending parties. Eat before you go so you are not starving when you get there. Makes sense.
  2. Plan your calories. If you know your calorie intake for the day. Reserve the majority of them for your party.
  3. Be a food snob. Be particular about where you spend your calories.
  4. Stay away from grains. People drink less if they eat less grains. I don’t even know what that means. I think, drink less if I had to guess.
  5. BYOD (Bring Your Own Dish). Bring your own food ensuring your will have a delicious healthy option.
  6. Have a plant based plate. 80% plant based.

Talking about food and dieting has become the social norm. So, the above are well received by many people.

I say let’s apply the same logic to our Holiday spending, shall we?

  1. This answer is appropriate for tip 1 & 2: Plan your holiday budget in advance decide what you are going to spend. See my post HERE with a budget worksheet to help you plan. BE intentional about what you are going to spend and try and see if you can beat your budget. I am by no means suggesting driving all over town to save $2, but it makes sense to write out your list. Review everything you plan on buying and do a little bit of research before you head to the mall.
  2. Be a money snob. Be particular about where, how and on whom you spend your money. Once you’ve spent it to buy Aunt Gertrude a lovely shawl for $35, it is gone. However, $25 in the bank and a nice card and maybe a $10 plant to show you care might be a viable option and says “We love you Gert! Happy Holidays.” I try every year to remember what I received and what I gave last year. The purpose of this exercise is not about the gifts. It puts the whole season in perspective and makes me think about what the purpose of giving really is. If I cannot even recall what I gave to people, how meaningful could it have been? It also shouldn’t be about checking the box or getting it DONE. It should be about family and friends and a time of love and reflection. My 2 cents.
  3. Stay away from window shopping. It is a great time of year for deals. Deals on things you didn’t know you needed until you saw it and had to have it. It is a slippery slope. I know, I’ve slid down that slope a few times. It happens. However, it is why it is so important to plan your budget and be very particular about what, where and how much you spend. Going to the mall without a plan is planning for disaster. Just sayin.
  4. BYOD (Bring Your Own Dish). This one aligns with the eating recommendation above. If you happen to go to holiday parties or office parties during the holiday season it is wise to plan what you are going to bring. The cost of all of the cookies, appetizers, bottles of wine at the various gatherings can QUICKLY add up. Make sure you make this part of the budget. Presents, cards, FOOD, BEVERAGES, it all counts. Know where your money is going and have a plan so you can enjoy the party.
  5. Have a plant based plate. I have nothing for you here, except it is sound advice. Eat your fruits and veggies.

I hope this was helpful.

We hope you have an AWESOME, SAFE and Happy Holiday Season!

You’ve got this!


Karen & Bill

2 thoughts on “The Holidays are HERE!”

  1. Love this. Your right why do we “diet” our money after the holidays? We do need the tips now to stay on target. The part about how memorable is the gift if you can’t remember what you gave speaks to how automated we’ve become in “just buy them anything”. As a gardener any time some one gives me a plant for the yard I always remember them as I care for it, but I rarely get that as a gift. We need to give smarter not more expensive.

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