Welcome Smart Money People!!

Welcome to the Smart Money Couple blog. Bill and I are passionate about managing money. We met, let’s just say a long time ago, and we were not on the same page, possibly not even the same book. Heck, I am not sure we were in the same library when it came to money.

We have come a long way since then. We have paid off our home, student loans, we have no consumer debt and save every month for retirement, investing in real estate and the kid’s college fund. Our hope is to share that journey with you and have fun doing it. I honestly think everything in life should be fun, or at least funny.

Managing your money can be really challenging. We know, we’ve been there. There are so many moving parts, so many emotions, it can be overwhelming and you can just shut down. DON’T DO THAT. We can help. I know we can.

If you think managing money can be easier, fun, and you can enjoy your life without the hardship of arguing over money be sure to check out our blog for tips, inspiration, and insight to managing money. We are truly, humbly, glad you are here.

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